Soon: a hybrid Toyota Tundra? 

Soon: a hybrid Toyota Tundra?

toyota tundra

Inside Line Reports: Toyota Thinks Big: Full-Size Diesel and Hybrid Coming to the States in ‘09.

Apparently in a move to combat soaring energy prices and some flak for building gas guzzlers, Toyota is planning to make the next Tundra more eco-friendly (i.e. a diesel or hybrid pickup truck).

Said to be in the works is a new big-block diesel V8, an engine the Japanese automaker plans to drop into the new Tundra and build at the rate of 70,000 units per year out of its new greenfield TMMTX plant in San Antonio, Texas, which opens this year. However, the diesel is apparently still three years away.

A new high-efficiency V8 and a gas-electric hybrid are also reportedly in the works to up the truck’s eco-friendly image. The diesel will be Toyota's first such unit in the United States and is likely to butt heads with Nissan’s Titan, which might also come in diesel soon.

Well, in the heat of the competition – the consumer wins.

For all of us truck-lovers here, there is no better news than having automakers plotting to make us better and more Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan or Ford F-150 in shape with excellent quality auto parts such as grille guards, radiators, catalytic converters, mirrors, altezza lights and wheels from Auto Parts Corner.

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