Kia to Take on the Solstice? 

Kia to Take on the Solstice?


It's Kia's small concept roadster, the KCV III first shown to the world at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show. And if Mr. Peter Butterfield, president/CEO of Kia Motors America gets his way, a version of this Korean roadster might just show up in the streets of U.S..

Cute, fun, cool might be the words that immediately come to mind looking at the car. This is just what Kia wanted you to think - in fact a statement released by the company says that the KCV III has the appearance of a “"fun-to-own 'street toy”. Designed at Kia’s Namyang Design center and built in France by Heuliez, this concept car, said to probably take on Pontiac’s Solstice, is packed with futuristic technology, including forward-looking radar, a mobile telematics system, in-dash DVD and an MP3 player. Perfectly targeting the Y-Generation.

More from the company: the body styling of KCV-III encapsulates occupants and hardware in "fluid curves," while the wide stance and bulging wheel arches give the car a "striking" road-presence. Its fully-automatic all-solar glass convertible roof is designed to make occupants feel part of the environment — both with the roof open and closed.

Word is however, is that Butterfield also wants the car (if it’s to be released in the U.S.) to be "very, very stripped. No carpets; maybe rollup windows, if you had windows at all; really light; fun to drive; doesn't even have a radio; without an electric top." It would be a car that buyers could accessorize, he said.

What was that again, no windows? Ugh, some might consider the weather here perhaps?

But it’s good if the KCV III is a “street toy” we can get to accessorize. We do hope that our favorite online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Corner will be ready with quality auto parts and accessories for this roadster come crunch time.

Can hardly wait?

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