Are you Driving Your Dream Car? 

Are you Driving Your Dream Car?

Everyone has a dream car; I know you have one too. Probably as you read this youíre thinking about it already. Is it the stylish sports convertible 2005 Chevrolet Corvette? I read a review on that article a couple of days ago. That car is really cool, with all the exciting new Chevrolet parts offered in this latest model, not to mention itís one of the industryís real icons.


Anyway, Iím not really a sports car buff; I have a fancy for trucks and off-road vehicles. I have an old Chevy Suburban truck that hasnít failed me for more than a decade now. It always starts and is fast enough for its big size. My truck still got lots of use despite its age and itís really dependable. Yes of course, I have replaced some of its original parts but that was due to some minor car problems. Itís normal anyway. I had changed the stock Chevy wheels as well for maintenance and recently I just installed new Chevy headlights I got from Auto Parts Corner. I also did some interior upgrades to keep it comfortable and fun to drive.

Iím planning to get a new Chevy truck but my budget wonít allow me yet. I read about the Silverado 3500 - thatís about $29,000. Iím not in a hurry though, that can wait. Right now, Iím into this ďdigimoddingĒ thing. Sounds cool isnít it? My nephew introduced me to it early this year. I also read some articles about this new car craze over the Internet and got hooked with it. It allows you to design your own car by digitally modifying a photo of a car. If youíre not yet financially prepared to buy your dream car, why not design your dream car? Try it, itís fun.

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