Japanís Tour De Force: On the Rise 

Japanís Tour De Force: On the Rise

The recently conducted Tokyo Motor Show reveals once again Japanís technological expertise, specifically in the field of car manufacturing. Major American automakers seem daunted by this emerging conqueror in the auto industry that they had not showed up in the said event. Presidents of GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler surprisingly did not make it to the occasion; and among the three companies, only GM joined the exhibit with their fuel cell cars.

Among the crowd-drawers were top Japanese auto manufacturers including Toyota and Nissan Motor Co. Toyota exhibited their prototype Lexus LS, which is said to be Toyotaís next foray to the luxury market. Hopefully, this car will be on sale by summer next year. On the other hand, Nissan boasted the successor to the Skyline GT-R sports car, which shall be formally launched in 2007. According to Nissan President, Carlos Ghosn, this model represents Nissanís success through the years and Nissanís thriving state.

Japanese cars are indeed flourishing, especially recently as prices of crude oil continue to be at record levels. Based on sales records, Japanese carmakers Toyota and Honda Motor Co. lead the hybrid segment in the North American market. Sales on these fuel-efficient cars had notably accelerated while the sales of large pickups and SUVs, on which profits of GM and Ford largely depend, continue to suffer.

Looking at it from a different perspective, could it mean that Japanese cars would eventually become trite? Imagine, millions of the same Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic cars are being produced each year and there are millions of them produced in the past. Does saving on gas means driving a boring and ordinary car? Well, not exactly because there are thousands of ways for you to make your vehicle unique so to speak.

If you have an old model, you can start accessorizing it to make it different before these vehicles become so common on the road. Auto Parts Corner has great variety of parts, which you can use to modify your carís exterior. For your Honda car, you can find there Honda fender flares, Honda headlights and Honda mirrors. Auto Parts Corner also has Toyota grille guards, Toyota tail lights and Toyota wheels.

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