Will you and your car fit? 

Will you and your car fit?

Sure, you adore your trusty five-year old Toyota Camry. You have treated it with TLC without fail. Only a couple of months ago you gave it new bumpers from Auto Parts Corner. But now you want that handsome Ford Fusion – wouldn’t it be nice to drive this ride around during the holidays?

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle just like I am, you might want to consider the following factors from CarFit that will help ensure there is a “good fit” between you and your vehicle

* You should have a clear line of sight over the steering wheel. You should be able to see at least three inches above the wheel.

* Make sure you have plenty of room between your breastbone (or chest band) and the front airbag and steering wheel. The ideal distance is at least 10 to 12 inches. This will help reduce injuries should the airbag deploy in an accident.

* Does your seat fit you comfortably and safely. You should be able to adjust the seat easily for good visibility and safe access to controls.

* Adjust your headrests properly. This can help prevent neck injury. The center of the headrest should be against the back of your head, not against your neck.

* Can you easily access the gas and brake pedals? You should be able to reach the pedals without having to stretch too far, and you should be able to completely depress the brake pedal. You should also be able to move your foot easily from the gas to the brake.

* Make sure your seat belt holds you in the proper position and remains comfortable as you drive. The lower part of the belt should go across your hips, and the shoulder harness should go across your rib cage and not be under your arm.

* You also should be able to reach the shoulder harness and buckle and unbuckle the seat belt without difficulty.

* Can you get into and out of your vehicle easily?
* Can you turn your head to look over your shoulder when you change lanes.
* Can you sit as comfortably as you can, without knee, back, hip, neck or shoulder stiffness or pain?
* Do you know how to adjust mirrors properly or have the flexibility to use mirrors?

There. Hopefully you and I find the best fit vehicle!

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