911 GT3 debuts in Geneva 

911 GT3 debuts in Geneva

The enthusiasts who constantly visit popular online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Corner for spoilers, bumpers, engine parts, hubcaps, and other accessories have cars like these as inspiration for making their own cars racier, sportier and faster.

This is Porsche’s hotly anticipated 911 GT3 making its debut, along with the Turbo, at the ongoing Geneva Auto Show.

While the Turbo is all about power in a luxurious package, the GT3 is all about raw power. The 3.6-liter flat-six engine boasts of 415 horsepower. The power plant revs 7,600 times per minutes to reach this figure, and its limit has been raised to 8,400 rpm. To cope with the increased stress, Porsche engineers had various engine parts enlarged, replaced or tweaked. The engine is coupled with a revised six-speed transmission.

Intended mainly for the racetrack, the GT3 is a strict two-seater, with the possibility of adding a roll cage. Its exterior also highlights racing intent with its huge spoilers, fat 19-inch wheels and hood scoop. It also has Porsche's Active Suspension Management System and a traction control system lifted from the exotic Carrera GT super sports car.

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