Diagnosing weird car smells and sights 

Diagnosing weird car smells and sights

Have you been smelling and seeing something weird in your car lately? Don't neglect that little weird smell or that weird stain in the garage floor just because your car still seems to be running just fine. A small problem, ignored, can and likely will turn into a big problem over time.

Here are some common weird smells and sights and what they mean:

• Sweet odor, usually accompanied by steam from under the hood - Antifreeze or coolant leak
• Thick, heavy odor, sometimes accompanied by smoke from under the hood or from the exhaust - Burning oil
• Acrid odor, like burned toast - Electrical short
• Continuous, heavy sulfur odor like rotten eggs - Emission
• Burning rubber odor - Overheated brakes or clutch
• Hot, metallic odor usually accompanied by antifreeze/coolant odor – Overheating

• Black stains with heavy, thick consistency - Axle leaks
• Yellow, green, pink, or orange stains that are lighter and thinner than oil - Coolant streaks
• Brownish stains - Crankcase, oil, power steering fluid leaks
• Reddish stains - Transmission oil leak

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