Volvo “loosens up” 

Volvo “loosens up”


In the news: Volvo has released details and images of the 2007 S60 sport sedan, which it says will be sportier and more luxurious.

Well if you’ve always thought that Volvos were a little bit too stiff or boring…this might just change your mind.
Notable changes to the car’s suspension and steering were made, as well as to its appearance which the company calls "evolutionary."

According to Volvo, the S60 will be keeping its engine lineup for 2007, including four gasoline and two diesel engines and a bi-fuel CNG engine. The chassis will see the biggest change, with a 25 percent increase in torsional rigidity and spring stiffness and different setups for the regular and Sport models of the S60.

No pricing or on-sale information has been released.

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