Watch what you eat in your car 

Watch what you eat in your car

Here I was thinking that all I needed for a good, safe drive was a well-maintained car, an alert mind, and a trusted online auto parts store like Auto Parts Corner for my auto parts replacement needs. Turns out that there was still something left to consider: the smell of my car.

Different odors affect the way motorists drive, with fast food scents likely to increase road rage potential and other smells -- like peppermint -- deemed to improve concentration, said the RAC Foundation, a British automobile association.


1. Different odors affect the way motorists drive, shows British Automobile Association
2. Research conducted into impact of smells on driving after release of odor
3. Studies of astronauts found odorless environments created irritability and even olfactory hallucinations

Significant Points

1. Good odors: peppermint; cinnamon; lemon & coffee
2. Blast of salty sea air can also encourage deep breathing and help relieve stress
3. Bad odors: smell of fast food wrappers and bread make driver hungry and cause to speed to get food
4. Dangerous odors: chamomile, jasmine, lavender make drivers over relax or fall asleep

So the next time you have your favorite fast food in your car, remember that you have been warned.

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