Save Gas? Try The Left Lane. 

Save Gas? Try The Left Lane.

Here’s a new one: yield to the left lane.

According to the National Motorists Association Foundation, drivers should do the right thing by moving over to the left lane so as to give way for faster vehicles. This is all part of their promotion for the Lane Courtesy Month which is this month of June.

Eric Skrum, the Communications Director for the NMA Foundation, says, “Media reports on saving fuel generally emphasize the basics. They urge motorists to check their tire pressure, replace their air filters, and use their cars’ air conditioners less. These are helpful but they ignore the role that traffic flow plays in gas consumption.”

Indeed, this tip could be another solution to the gas problem. On my end, I have been making sure that my car contains just the right kind of auto parts. At Auto Parts Corner, my friend even found the replace Toyota catalytic converters that she has been looking for.

As per this lane courtesy issue, the NMA even states that vehicles would be consuming less fuel if they maintain a constant speed. And when the lanes get congested with slow moving vehicles clogging up the fast lane, everybody suffers from a high usage of fuel.

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