U.S. Gas Price Hike Effect 

U.S. Gas Price Hike Effect

Chevy Silverado

SUV sales are down. But which SUV is affected most? Autobytel’s latest “Consumer Choice” report on online purchase requests for the second quarter of 2006 as compared to the first quarter shows some of the unsuccessful:

• Jeep Grand Cherokee: -58 percent
• Dodge Ram: -47 percent
• Ford F-150: -40 percent
• Hummer H3: -39 percent
• Dodge Charger: -29 percent
• Chrysler 300: -13 percent

While the big cars are down, small cars are hot. Autobytel reports that the 2nd quarter was the only quarter when trucks really felt the impact of higher fuel prices, with year-over-year purchase requests drops down for the Honda, Ridgeline, Toyota, Tundra, Nissan, Titan, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram.

Autobytel’s current what’s hot for the 2nd Quarter:

• Toyota Yaris
• Toyota Camry Hybrid
• Toyota FJ Cruiser (style trumps fuel economy)
• Honda Fit
• Lexus ES 350
• Toyota RAV4 (a fuel-efficient big SUV replacement?)
• Honda Civic
• Dodge Caliber
• Hyundai Sonata
• Ford Escape Hybrid (fuel-efficient, with incentive pricing)

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