Effective Car Washing Tips 

Effective Car Washing Tips

Car Washing Tips

Forget about car wash shops and sexy car wash girls in bikinis.

Getting your car cleaned is a simple task that every vehicle owners like you and I can do. Here are some effective tips in car washing.

First, find a nice location where you would clean your car. Perhaps under a tree or any other shaded place. Next, find effective car wash soap and avoid using household detergents or liquid cleansers because these products contain a high level of PH (acidity) and can actually damage your carís paint.

The cleaning process should start by cleaning your wheels and tires. Check for road dirt and remove them, most specifically between the grooves of your tires. Rinse the underside of the car and remove stuck dirt such as road tar, mud, and other foreign objects.

Close all the doors and windows. Iím sure you wouldnít want your interiors to get wet.

By using a hose, start spraying your carís surface. This will soak the dirt making it easier to remove them. Get a sponge and bucket with your car wash soap diluted in water and with the sponge, start washing the hood, bumpers, glasses, and roof from top to bottom. It is necessary to rinse time after time to see if you already removed the dirt on you carís surface.

Finally, give your car a final rinse. After doing this, dry your car by wiping it with a clean cloth. Wash your car regularly to maintain its appearance.

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Comment a sponge? really? this article paid for by after-market paint shops association or something?

Wed Aug 9, 2006 10:38 pm MST by Anonymous

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