FromTraveller to Clubman 

FromTraveller to Clubman

Apparently MINI will be dropping the Traveller name for its upcoming, much anticipated long-wheelbase version of its iconic smallcar, as reported by MotoringFile.

mini Traveller to Clubman

The automaker is dropping the name and replacing it with 'Clubman'. Word is that a mess of copyright issues with the Traveller name provoked the switch, and while the Clubman badge (Honda owns the Clubman name in Japan) is yet to gain approval from the MINI powers-that-be, the effort, says Autoblog, will be small potatoes compared to what would've been required to legally use the “Traveller”.

MotoringFile readers have also collected a long list of name suggestions for the vehicle that included MINI XL, MINI+, MINI Canyonero and MINI Longfellow.

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