The Significance of Mirrors in Cars 

The Significance of Mirrors in Cars

Side Mirror

Mirrors are important driving tools. Basically, cars have three mirrors: the left and right side mirrors and a rear view mirror located at the front.

These mirrors are not positioned in such a way for no reasons at all. For instance, the rear view mirror is used for auto backing. Drivers can see from the rear view mirror whether it is safe for them to drive backwards especially when backing in tight parking areas. On the other hand, the two side mirrors are used to see whether the sides are clear from any type of obstructions.

Similarly, side mirrors are used to prevent side collisions since drivers are able to estimate the safe distance between their cars with that of another vehicle. Ideally, drivers are expected to adjust their carís mirrors according to their level of viewing. Tall drivers donít have the same viewing level compared to short drivers so this is one of the reasons why it is vital for drivers to adjust their mirrors before driving off.

And lastly, a simple reminder especially for lady drivers that make use of the rear view mirror especially for make up purposes, make sure to adjust it back to its correct position once you are through. Youíll never know what might just happen if you donít.

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