Signs and Symptoms of An Ailing Car 

Signs and Symptoms of An Ailing Car

No matter how well built your car is, time will come you have to deal with some car problems. Like us humans, they get sick as well and thus, they need to be checked once in a while. Here are some of the common problems your car may encounter. Ask yourself the following questions, if your answer is yes, then you may have to go to a repair shop or get a replacement part.

1. Does your engine fail to start or your fuel filter sputter at high speeds?

Check first your ignition system, if nothing’s wrong with it there must be something wrong with your fuel filter. It is necessary to clean or replace it so as not to affect your engine’s performance. You need clean and high quality fuel filters to be able to strain harmful contaminants in the fuel more effectively.

2. Does your car overheat?

The car radiator probably lacks water and thus you need to add some water to it. Be careful in doing this, you might suffer serious burns. Your vehicle can also suffer overheating if it bears too much weight; thus, you have to unload some of your cargoes.

3. Do your brakes fail to hold or do they make a screeching sound?

Have your car brakes checked at a repair shop immediately. Many car accidents happen due to faulty brakes so don’t wait till you encounter one. Also, check on your tires. They may already be worn out and thus, they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Does the steering wheel vibrate at around 50-70 mph?

Your front wheel is probably not positioned properly. Go to a professional car mechanic and have it fixed. Have the rest of the car wheels checked as well so you can be sure they are all balanced.

5. Are you driving a front wheel drive and do you hear whining sound from the tires even when you are driving on a smooth road?

When this happens, inspect the tread of the rear tires by running through the surface in two different directions; if in one direction the tread is smooth and on the other, it is rough, you need to rotate the tires of your car.

If you want to know more about common car problems and car care, try to visit forums and auto enthusiast web sites. For sure you can find a wealth of information from there. Meanwhile, you can check out Auto Parts Corner, a leading Auto parts wholesale store that offers great variety of auto replacement parts. If you encounter one of those problems mentioned and are in need of replacement parts, you can count on Auto Parts Corner.

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